I started painting when I quit my day job.

(Don’t they tell you not to do that?)

I began at the beginning, painting fruit – just fruit – for one year. Then moved on to landscapes, sometimes imaginary ones, and then the landscapes of the body, also often imaginary.

I paint with my fingers – fingerpainting! – and the results can be disorderly, a bit of a beautiful mess. I’m not trying at perfect replication. The imprecise compositions are held together by strong shapes, exaggerated contrast, blocks of colour, bold lines, and simple palettes.

Mucking about right in the paint makes the relationship with my subject matter deeply intimate. I literally stroke it into form with my fingers.

Painting is my meagre attempt to interpret the wonder and crash of what’s around us, and to hold it for maybe one moment, and to say to anyone who would listen, this is lovely, this is important.
Laura Fauman Fine Art © 2022