A defiant, joyous reveal casts warm shadows and bold contours.

28"h x 22"w, acrylic on canvas
You're Almost There
From the Golden Ears Bridge over the Fraser River, the view a sparkling marker that your destination is near, and you're almost there.

36"h x 48"w, acrylic on canvas
A story of riches that are found only in the dark. Continuation of "Lips" series. 

16"h x 16"w, acrylic on canvas
An invitation near impossible, yet you, brave one, dare to believe. Continuation of “Lips” series.

16”h x 16”w, acrylic on canvas
Something to Say
Provoked or provoking…in either case, she wants to know, just what do you have to say for yourself?

24”h x 12”w, acrylic on canvas
No Bad Days
Umbrellas mushroom in the summer sun at the stretch of tawny sand where everyone is lost in paradise and the city’s broken dreams wait for another day.

36”h x 36”w, acrylic on canvas
Muscle Memory
He always talks of muscle memory…and I think of all that this dear form knows.

24”h x 20”w, acrylic on canvas
Touch of Grey
The ease and the tension of lace and posture are your invitation, your possibility.

18”h x 14”w, acrylic on canvas
Out of the blue-grey shadows of dense forest a tawny-leaved tree declares itself. The imperfect mirror of the dark water shows bright traces of gold amid its own reflective brilliance of aquamarine dappling.

30″h x 15″w, acrylic on canvas
Purples – orchid, jam, violet, amethyst – pull with mystery. Continuation of “Lips” series.

16”h x 16”w, acrylic on canvas
Dark Mirror
A reflection glimmers, half-formed, barely holding shape. Copper-gold like ancient treasure adorns her, and is her, life statue-still for a bare moment.

24”h x 12”w, acrylic on canvas
When in Bloom
There is a dogwood tree in my front yard
And every May it turns me into
The envy of my street.
Thirty feet high of brilliant white flowers
Like clusters of butterflies glowing at nightfall.
The neighbours say to me – in reverent tones
For I am the Keeper of the Dogwood –
That it has never bloomed so much as this year.
Every May they say that.
The other eleven months, my dogwood looks unremarkable,
And the neighbours only frown as they walk past my yard,
Tugging at their children and husbands who linger too long.

30”h x 15”w, acrylic on canvas
Dance Moves
White light flashes along the rippling lines of a dancer lost in motion, caught by music, and released to the wilds of her darkness.

28”h x 22”w, acrylic on canvas
Across the glitter of water, a searing magenta skyline bears the press of honeyed clouds.

36”h x 36”w, acrylic on canvas, framed
N.R. 1
A velvet dark showcase for the jewel of body, the gentle colours revealed by a fragment of soft light, as soft as her trance. Commissioned portrait.

24”h x 24”w, acrylic on canvas
N.R. 2
Strike a pose - a dare answered with sweep and strength and structure for lovely curves. Commissioned portrait.

24”h x 24”w, acrylic on canvas
Play of Light
Some god of sky, lathered in almost-storm, stamps furious love notes on the cool meadow green.

36”h x 24”w, acrylic on canvas
The day’s fire lingers at the horizon while grey impatiently presses for reunion with midnight blue.

36”h x 18”w, acrylic on canvas
The firm planes of a back and sweet contrast of a shy foot. A woman’s face angled in beautiful pride, a tension of secretive poise and the possibility of a slow turn to reveal.

24″h x 24″w, acrylic on canvas
Line Up
She blurs in a last adjustment of fabric and frame, rebelling against the attempt to capture her in stillness.

30”h x 15”w, acrylic on canvas
Low light glances off rockpiles along a serene riverbank, rich hits of burnt umber and gold. Across the water, eerie columns and smoky sky suggest a dark urban embrace, chilling yet beautiful nonetheless.

18″h x 36″w, acrylic on canvas
The Thinker
Lost in the ease of the body, lost in the swell of a feeling, lost in an idea wandering in vague patterns like markings on the floor. While she may appear whole and wholly there, she is in fact, quite lost.

28”h x 22”w, acrylic on canvas, framed
A complex interplay of qualities. I see strength in ribbons of ink around biceps and sweetness in a relaxed belly and elegance in open legs. Power at rest.

24″h x 36″w, acrylic on canvas
Lie in Green Pastures
Green idyll is rocked by mauve-fingered mischief. It protests innocence – it’s the wind’s fault. I think green idyll is confused, but glorious sky laughs and begins to turn mischief the mild colour of honey.

24”h x 20”w, acrylic on canvas
Midnight is when flowing dark whispers the little secrets of steady day, the things you prayed generous gods would reveal when midnight comes.

18”h x 14”w, acrylic on canvas
Silver Tumble
Gold-leafed sentries line a silver tumble of water, where thousands of stories unfold in jewel-toned flashes.

24”h x 36”w, acrylic on canvas
To paint a figure is to try to capture; and I liked the idea that this woman was eluding the grasp of both artist and viewer. A form of subversive rebellion. Swipes of paint erase detail, she threatens to disappear. And in losing her form, her agency is revealed – she is the thief at work here.

24″h x 20″w, acrylic on canvas
Why listen to words from a jolt of impossible colour that must surely be untrue? Because truth isn’t what you came for…. First in the “Lips” series.

16”h x 16”w, acrylic on canvas
Golden Harbour
Underpainting of azo gold is a brilliant stretch of sand coloured by the lazy warm light. Dazzling gemstone water grazes the shoreline and stretches off to a hazy horizon line. Impossibly burnished clouds frame the sky above whispers of boats.

18″h x 36″w, acrylic on canvas
Shadowed curves of skin, tender as a confession, are fortressed by the fierce slant of shoulders and cocked hip. A warning, an invitation, a dare.

24″h x 18″w, acrylic on canvas
One day, the beautiful and blasé female I’d painted suggested she was not so serene after all. And that perhaps instead of being rendered, being represented, being marked, she might like to render and represent and mark. And so this is what happened.

36″h x 36″w, acrylic on canvas
Fault Lines
The meeting of thighs, dark lace edges of hosiery. Lines are boundaries to be crossed, are cracks to open. What comes next, and where lies the fault…

20″h x 16″w, acrylic on canvas
The sun sets, boats seem to come to rest. Almost-black paint renders charred edges, framing a moment of calm, an attempt to still. Yet long lineations suggest a haze, a shimmer, things not quite fixed.

24”h x 36”w, acrylic on canvas, framed
Pool Side
Fingertip slashes of paint create distortion, like seeing flesh through clear water. A woman dangles her legs at the edge of the pool, but ripples creep up, beyond the water limit. Perhaps she is dissolving, becoming water…perhaps water is becoming woman.

28″h x 22″w, acrylic on canvas
Lone Sail
A setting sun streaks and glitters white-gold on ocean water, as silver-blue dusk lowers herself. A single boat glides its way, whether home to rest or off for an intrepid evening sail left ambiguous.

16″h x 16″w, acrylic on canvas
Kiss Off
Layers of looks look back at you. A curse, a suggestion, a vow. In revolutionary stance, all her softness becomes a power source, and you don’t dare turn away.

28”h x 22”w, acrylic on canvas
Laura Fauman Fine Art © 2022