Laura Fauman Vancouver painter

They tell you don’t quit your day job. I did anyway.I walked away from a marketing career in complete burnout. I needed something to wake up to every day until I figured out what to do next. So I signed up for a beginners’ acrylics class, and I began at the beginning. I painted fruit for one year. Just fruit.

Eventually I moved on to landscapes, then figures. I began exploring tools beyond the brush, and soon abandoned hard tools completely. Now I paint with my fingers.

There’s fine detail you see in ultrarealism that fingertips don’t achieve, and that’s fine with me. What I think I achieve with finger painting is a sense of motion and emotion. My paintings are raw, imperfect, and immediate.

Landscapes are inspired by memories of places. They’re not an attempt at literal representation, but an evocation of feeling, an exploration of emotional texture – wistfulness, sorrow, elation, calm.

My figures are painted after sittings with models, mostly friends. When they model for me, I don’t paint, I just sketch studies. And the idea of study is apt – it’s a process of observation, of coming to understand not just detail of form, but that person’s play of energy, grace of spirit. I try to translate that through paint.

And I got a day job again. In marketing again. But now I have painting as my restorative counterpoint.