about me

They tell you don’t quit your day job. I did anyway.

I spent twelve years in marketing, and found myself in complete burnout. I walked away, but needed something to wake up to every day until I figured out what to do next. I signed up for a beginners’ acrylics class, and I began at the beginning. I painted fruit for one year. Just fruit.

Soon I saw myriad colours where I didn’t before. A railing is not just light grey – it’s mauve tinged with orange. A highlight on an apple isn’t only white – it’s sometimes the palest of blues.

Eventually I moved on to landscapes, and soon began exploring tools beyond the brush. I now use palette knives in much of my work – they are perfect for foliage, hardscape, and textured sky. I still use the brush, especially for rendering the roundness and softness of fruit, or the stillness of calm water.

While I’ve studied with various painters and at Emily Carr University, I consider myself largely self-taught. I’ve got a lot of crummy canvasses in a closet to prove it.

In 2015 I was delighted to be accepted by the Canadian Federation of Artists. I’ve had pieces selected by juries for guilds and galleries across the Lower Mainland, and even featured in film (kind of – it was just a made-for-TV Hallmark movie).

And yes, I got a day job again – I founded my own marketing company, which means I’m the boss, and can give myself time off to paint.